Closed-Loop Composting at Bradford

Reinbott-finished-compost2Each year vegetables are grown at Bradford Research Center for research and extension activities and then sold to MU’s Campus Dining. Each day Campus Dining serves approximately 8,500 meals, generating approximately 4.5 oz. of waste per meal. When calculated over the entire year, this is approximately 270 tons of food waste that winds up in the Columbia landfill.

Now this waste is not wasted at all — it is trucked out to Bradford where it is mixed with horse bedding from MU’s nearby South Farm Research Center and composted. In a few weeks, they have Mizzou Doo, which can fertilize the next round of vegetables grown at Bradford for Campus Dining.

It’s a unique partnership and system, and one that Superintendent Tim Reinbott hopes can be a model for other universities, prisons and even small cities to cut costs and reduce waste.